Interconnecting Dance and Film.

– That´s what LongLeg Productions stands for.

Whether you use dance in a film project, on stage, employ dancers to impress your staff and customers, or even incorporate your own employees, at big events, LongLeg Productions is the right partner for you. I offer unique choreography design and support for everything from selecting the right dancers to caring for the set at your event.
Gold Award Cannes 2009 / Jury Award for best film
Sample of a choreography piece from LongLeg Productions
(Telemaz Commercials, Berlin - Werbespot “Red cross – stars”)

Designing Choreography for Film, Stage and Events

  • Film, with its great ability to capture scenes with many different angles, settings- and shot options, is the medium through with the beauty, ease and emotion of dance can be powefully conveyed.
  • Again, dance, when used properly, is a great way to emphasize the feeling of the protagonist’s world, or the witnessing of a story, and all the drama that it is capable of being.
  • At large events such as corporate celebrations, dance and choreography can be used to convey messages, creating a social experience, which can filmed and edited then distributed to the participants for lasting joyous memories.
I design choreographies for
  • Ballet
  • Modern
  • Jazz
  • Lyrical
  • Musical
  • Revue
  • Dance Theater
  • small, simple step combinations
Either set the guidelines yourself, or let me advise you on
  • Music selection
  • Choice of dancers
  • Level of dancers (amateur to professional)
  • Dance style
  • Duration of choreography

Before each contract, I also advise you on which dancers can do what and how many are available along with the duration necessary for realizing the project.
My goal is a close collaboration that matches wishes and ideas.

Organising Dance Auditions

You are looking for the right candidate for your commercial, film or corporate video? With my experiences and contacts, I can arrange a complete casting according to your specifications.

I will
  • assemble dancers for you to choose from, according to casting size and specifications
    (my contacts last from dance school, professional companies, up to the free dancing scene in Berlin),
  • organise the premises,
  • plan the auditions / are responsible for the casting schedule,
  • design a short choreography piece adapted to your project, and dance requirements,
  • lead the warm-up and the rehearsal of choreographies with the dancers at the casting
  • create a professional casting-video including casting brief interviews with the dancers (to support your decision-making).
If you are interested, please send me a brief description of your concept and I will contact you right away with an offer - free of obligation.

Learn and Rehearse the Choreography

  • Groups
  • Individuals
  • Performers at all levels including dancers, actors, your employees and even child-performers.
  • Within a timeframe that most particularly suits your goal.

I can organise a rehearsal studio as well as a rehearsal schedule according to your request.

If the choreography is for a film, I can also produce a short rehearsal video for the purpose of assisting the director and the director of photography to compile a shotlist and find the right location for the shoot.

Management of Dancers on Set / at the Event

Whether it’s a dancer, an actor, an amateur, or a child, through my years of experience on set and at events, I know what really matters. So I can provide individual support on the day of filming or day of the event.
On Set
  • Explain behaviour and conditions of the set
  • Keeping the dancers´ focus off the camera
  • Explain camera settings and effects if necessary
  • Coaching the dancers through stage fright
  • Pre-shooting warm-up
  • Keeping the energy level high between performances and during breaks.
  • Be the intermediary between dancers and 1. AD
  • Coaching the dancers before each take in order to get the maximum expression in the performance
  • Correction and feedback during the shoot, via consultation with the Director
  • Spontaneous changes to the choreography if necessary
At the Event
  • Introduction on day of event
  • Explain the environmental conditions
  • Provide hosts for communicating the theme of your event
  • Upon request, small coaching practice at the beginning for better group dynamics
  • Time management: schedule so everyone knows where to be and when
  • Coordination of video recording
  • Trustworthy contact for all participants

Calculated according to the scope of the concept, the preparation time and the shooting days or event days. You can simply inquire via e-mail and I will be pleased to provide you with a quote immediately, free of obligation. Or just give me a call now. I´ll be glad to assist you.


If you are looking for an experienced director for your commercial, image video or film project, you have come to the right place. Years of experience professionally interfacing between film and dance, have enabled me to blend the two in the best way possible. With the right team in place, including the right Director of Photography, with the right settings, and the right cast, highly emotional dance images can be produced.

Thank you very much for your interest in my choreography and directing services!

Please send me a brief description of your concept and I will contact you right away with an offer - free of obligation!

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