“Average Joe”

A film by Simone Winkler
and Gundula Friese

We all have one life - but the ways to live it, are many... Average Joe is a film project about New Yorkers who put up with a lot in order to forge their own way.
Is their daily struggle against the wind written on their faces?
What dangers, difficulties, and troubles lie in their unpaved paths?
Where lurks the possession or even betrayal?

By keeping a lookout over these people, we attempt to find ourselves. Is the camera used as an infusion device? Or is it used as a window between the inside and the In Robert Franks film, “The Last Supper”, states, “He took my innermost thoughts and put them in a frame.”

What makes us who we are? Where do we find the appropriate places which allow us to become whoever we are?

In New York, however, the soil seems to be more fertile than elsewhere. Using your unique abilities to live here isn't simple, but it is rather a prerequisite and a condition for survival.
Creativity and self-fulfillment seem to have no bounds, but here, that’s not the case when things go downhill. When you hit rock bottom, you realize what those limits are.
New York is a beast that gobbles you up, and spits you right back out.

Further Information

DVD-Release Date

expected Autumn 2012


Film in color
Format: 16:9
TV Standard: NTSC, PAL
Duration: approx. 70 Min.


Director: Simone Winkler
Gundula Friese
Camera: Matthias Fleischer bvk.
Editing: Simone Winkler
Music: Evelyn Ulex


Sal Monetti
Scott Westervelt
Christine Baczewska
Coby Koehl
Elijah A. Alexander Jr.
Sunara Sulin
Amalia Yossy Fianto
Margot Miller
Angelo Musco
Shoshanna Lakshitá Gleich
Bill Pope
Anne Campos
Jaques LeSesue
Jay Amari
Daniel Marsala